Sealcoat Machine (SteelSkidPlus520)

SteelSkid Plus 520

SKU: SteelSkidPlus520

This Sealcoat Machine is the professional choice

This Sealcoat Machine is mounted into a full steel skid and includes a 22" double lid Steel Manway making it easy to fill the tank and access the interior of the tank for maintenance and cleaning.

Hydraulic Tank Agitation is powered from our 8HP Honda gasoline engine direct drive fluid system including a "Compensator" allowing you full control of the hydraulic torque and direction of the Paddles.

We build an Offset Three Paddle system in the tank which keeps the sealant in motion but minimizes the torque on the paddles by spreading out the leverage across the 1-1/4" agitation shaft.

Air for the 1-1/2" Duel Diaphragm Pump is supplied from our 20CFM 150 PSI three cylinder Puma Air Compressor. We also include an external regulator allowing you to regulate the spray pressure from 50 PSI to 150PSI. This system includes electric start and a heavy duty battery.

Our pump is an American made Yamada Diaphragm Pump that requires no oiling. This means less maintenance for you and continuous operation.

We mount a manual Hose Reel and wrap 100' of 250 PSI 3/4" hose on it and include a 3/4" X 6' Aluminum spray wand with a brass ball valve and 80/30 spray tip.

The Tank Strainer is our cast iron 11/64" x 2" strainer which includes an easy swing out lid allowing you to easily and quickly clean the stainless steel screen.

We include a 1-1/2" water suction allowing you to suck water through the pump and spray assembly or draw sealer from another tank.

Optional Electric Hose Reel is available and is shown in pictures.

It's easy to see why this Sealcoat Machine is the choice of "Value Minded" Sealcoat Professionals and Sealcoating Equipment Direct is committed to bringing you the very best Asphalt Sealing Machine for your money.

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