Sealcoating System 125 Gallon Compact

PolySkid Pro 125

SKU: PolySkidPro125

Sealcoating System PolySkidPro125 Gallon Compact

Our 125 gallon compact Sealcoating System is small enough to fit in your compact pick-up and is packed with all of the features that our larger PolySkid Systems incorporate.

Standard Features Include:

  • Built-In Poly Rake Agitation
  • Strainer Assembly with Stainless Screen
  • 5.5 HP Honda Engine + Banjo Pump
  • 50' of 3/4" Spray Hose
  • 5' X 3/4" Aluminum Spray Wand with Brass Valve and 80/50 Spray Tip

Optional Up-Grades

  • Manual Hose Reel (Shown In Picture)

Read more about Sealcoat Pump Selection.

This system is ideal for part-time Sealcoat Professionals or property owners needing professional results and will easily fit between wheel wells on a standard 1/2 ton pickup as shown.

Dimensions on system with optional hose reel:
65"L X 48"W X 46"T