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Sealcoating Spray System

SKU: ASD-275

The ASD-275 Sealcoating Spray System comes complete with a 275 gallon caged poly tank and everything you need for spraying sealcoat.

This system uses our 5.5 HP Honda + Banjo Industrial Pump to create approximately 65 PSI and can be disassembled for easy cleaning and storage.

Other systems use a Plastic Pump and these pumps sometimes wear quickly but our pump is an "All Metal" pump and incorporates a Cast Iron Impeller and Diffuser eliminating internal pump wear.
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Even though many of our customers use sand in this system, we do not recommend the use of sand because of the tank design. Sand will build-up in the corners and need periodic cleaning and it also creates excessive pump wear.

Sealant Agitation occurs as the pump recirculates sealant at 185 GPM through the tank from bottom to top and we also offer a Swirl Tube* for added Tank Agitation which creates a circular motion in the tank bottom.

(*Swirl Tube Option $89.00)

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Also included with this system is 50' of 3/4 200psi spray hose and a 3/4" X 5' Aluminum spray wand with 80/50 tip.

You may want to add our Easy Clean Strainer assembly as an optional up-grade creating added protection for the pump and spray tip.

Some similar systems use a "Strainer Basket" on the discharge Port as the sealcoat re-enters the tank. We have found that this design is better than not having a strainer but as it clog's and fills with debris, it can back up the pump head pressure which will likely lead to pump failure.

When the strainer is installed in the tank outlet, it will only drop the pump pressure as the strainer fills and with our design, it's very easy to clean as necessary.

Our Sealcoating Spray System is ideal for the part-time or the beginner as well as the property owner who wants to spray his own asphalt sealcoat.
Totes may be refurbished but includes new components.

System Upgrade Options:

  • Honda Banjo Cast Iron Pump (For use with abrasive mixtures)

Purchase of this system will qualify you to receive free plans and parts list on the assembly and operation of our Swirl Tube and Flush Kit, ask your sales person for details!

These Totes are refurbished with new components specifically designed to hook up to our hose kit and pump and shipped with steel or oak pallet that is permanently mounted to tote cage.

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