Seal Coating Machine (PolySkidSuper325)

PolySkid Super 325

SKU: PolySkidSuper325

The PolykidSuper 325 Seal Coating Machine is our exclusive 325 Polyethylene tank system with built-in rake paddle agitation.

Our PolySkidSuper325 Seal Coating Machine offers an 8 gallon 5.5 HP Honda air compressor with our 1" Yamada duel diaphragm pump as well as our "Easy Clean Strainer with an .06 screen allowing for easy strainer cleaning.

This system is designed for the professional who may want to step up from a centrifugal transfer pump system.

This Seal Coating Machine is built on a full steel skid for maximum anti tip safety.
We build your PolySkidSuper system using high quality components including our molded Polyethylene sealcoat tank, 1" dual diaphragm pump, 5.5 HP Honda/Pump air compressor, and our 100' 250 PSI hose and Cox manual hose reel.

You also will receive our deluxe aluminum 3/4" X 6' spray wand with brass valves and 80/40 tip

The tank lid is 16" and offers an optional 16" Poly hinged lid and even a 22" steel double manway that includes a double splash lid.

Standard PolySkidPlus 525 sealcoating machine features:

  • 5.5 HP Honda GX engine and Puma eight gallon 14CFM /150 PSI air compressor complete with external regulator assembly.
  • Cox 3/4" X 100' manual hose reel
  • 100' of 3/4" 250PSI Goodyear hose
  • 6' X 3/4" aluminum spray wand with tip and brass ball valve
  • Yamada Dual Diaphragm Pump for pumping sand
  • Complete strainer assembly
  • Built-In PolyRake manual Agitation

Optional Up-grades Include:

  • Three Paddle Rubber Paddle Direct-Drive Manual Agitation
  • 3:1 Manual Agitation
  • Honda Chain Drive Mechanical Agitation
  • Honda Hydraulic Agitation
  • 8 HP High Output 20 CFM Honda Electric Start Compressor
  • Cox Electric Hose Reel
  • 23" Steel Double Tank Manway
  • 16" 16" Hinged Poly Lid

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This system is capable of developing between 75PSI and 125PSI and maintaining constant pressures for long periods allowing you to spray for longer periods without down time. It's design allows the use of Coal Tar and Asphalt Emulsion and should be cleaned with clear water.

With everything you get with this this Seal Coating Machine, it's easy to see why we have a hard time keeping up with demand!

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