Pavement Sealing Machine (PolySkidPro325)

PolySkid Pro 325

SKU: PolySkidPro325

The PolySkidPro325 Pavement Sealing Machine features three paddle "Hand Agitation" along with our Honda Banjo Cast Iron/Stainless Steel industrial transfer pump system.Read more about Sealcoat Pump Selection.

Our exclusive "Poly Rake" agitation two paddle system rakes the sand and thoroughly mixes it with the sealer giving you excellent mixing while spraying.

These tanks are 1/4" nominal thick molded and UV protected giving you years of trouble free service.

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Read what Darin Carson with Superior Asphalt Sealing wrote:
Brad, Thanks for all your help and support. I appreciate you always answering the phone when I call with questions or concerns about the sealing business. We are more than happy with the unit (poly pro system) we purchased from you.

It is one hell of a system! Easy to use and priced right! I've received alot of good comments on the set up of this system from people I've met in the sealing business. With all that said let me tell you what I'm really happy about-$$$$$$$$$$$.

We (my son and I) have got off to a great start, our first month we made $10k. and only worked 35 hrs/wk. Can't beat that!! I would strongly advise anyone interested in the sealing business to purchase a unit from you. Oh, I'll let you know when my retirement home in Vegas is complete. Thanks again for guiding me the right way.
Darin & Dustin Carson, OH

Optional upgrades available:

  • 3:1 Gear Reduction Manual Agitation
  • Three Paddle Rubber Agitation System
  • Additional spray hose
  • Cox Hose Reel
  • Poly Hinged Lid
  • Hydraulic Agitation
  • Chain Drive Agitation
  • 22" Manway Double Splash Lid

This Pavement Sealing Machine incorporates all of the great features that our "PolySkid" system are known for.

The PolySkid system is easily mounted on a trailer as is shown with our 100' hose reel.

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