Pavement Sealcoat System

SteelSkid Plus 300

SKU: SteelSkidPlus300
This Pavement Sealcoat System is our 300 gallon sealcoating skid system and comes standard with many great features

This Pavement Sealcoat System is our SteelSkidPlus300 which is a 300 gallon Sealcoating Skid System that includes Hydraulic Agitation and is our Full Feature Asphalt Spray System.

It's designed for the demanding professional who not only wants high quality equipment but also expects high quality equipment at a fair price. This Sealcoating Skid System delivers on it's promises to offer the best value in the industry and delivering professional results.

We build this system using all new components including an 11 gauge sidewall, 7 gauge head steel tank that is welded into a full steel skid which offers the user excellent “Anti Tip” protection after the skid is bolted into your vehicle.

Our Hydraulic System is ran from a Puma Honda 20 CFM 150 PSI 8 gallon air compressor that also runs the Dual Diaphragm 11/2” Yamada Pump. This pump allows the user to run the Agitation and Spray System together continuously. We also mount an external Air Regulator allowing the operator to increase or decrease air pressure as needed.

Our 300 Gallon Pavement Sealing System Hydraulic System includes a Pressure Compensator which gives the user the ability to increase or decrease the paddle torque as necessary and we add an extra large hydraulic tank with included oil filter.

The Tank Strainer is extra Large capacity which includes a stainless steel basket with 11/64” holes which helps to minimize tip clogs but allows sand to pass through the basket.
All ball valves are heavy duty brass valves which are easy to open and close quickly.

Our Agitation Paddles is an offset three paddle design and driven from a 11/2” shaft. The 22” Steel Manway is a double lid design that allows for easy access into the interior of the tank for cleaning and maintenance and minimizes sealcoat splash when traveling down rough highway.

Your new 300 gallon Pavement Sealcoat System will include a Cox hose reel that has 100' of 250 PSI hose installed and our deluxe 6' Aluminum “Cushion Grip” Spray Wand with included tip. We also include a heavy duty battery to start your electric start air compressor and offer an optional electric hose reel.

Standard Features Include:

  • 11/2” Yamada Dual Diaphram Pump
  • 8 Gallon Honda Puma Compressor
  • Full Hydraulic Bi-Directional Sweep Agitation with Pressure Compensator
  • Cox Hose Reel
  • 6' Aluminum Deluxe Spray Wand
  • 1.5 Gallon Steel Material Strainer with Stainless Basket
  • External Pressure Regulator
  • 22” Steel Double Lid Manway

Optional Features Include:

  • 30 Gallon 13 HP Honda Air System (Shown)
  • Cox Electric Hose Reel

With everything you get at such a great price,you can easily see why this Pavement Sealcoat System is such a great value when compared to similar Sealcoating Skid Systems on the market today!