Pavement Sealcoat Machine 225 Gallon (PolySkidPro225)

PolySkid Pro 225

SKU: PolySkidPro225

This Pavement Sealcoat Machine is built to fit in your pickup

Our 225 gallon Pavement Sealcoat Machine is a compact system that easily fits into a 3/4 ton Pickup or a compact trailer.

Because this system only weighs 2,500 LBS full, it can be mounted in a 3/4 ton pickup or compact trailer (shown) as long as the axle capacity is large enough. We're showing the system in the attached photo mounted on a 5x10 3,500 LB single axle trailer and you still have enough room in front of the tank to haul your blower and Push Melter as well as your hand tools.

This system includes all the great standard features that all of our PolySkidPro Pavement Sealcoat Machine systems offer and offers many optional upgrades too.

This is the smaller version of our PolySkid325Pro and 525Pro systems and includes the same components including our rugged Honda Banjo cast iron stainless pump and our exclusive two paddle manual agitation.

Standard Features Include:

  • Two Paddle Manual Direct Drive Rake Agitation
  • Honda Banjo Industrial Stainless Pump
  • 50' of spray hose and 6' Aluminum spray wand
  • Tank Strainer Assembly with stainless screen
  • Auxiliary Suction Port for rinsing hose and pump
  • Built in spray hose storage hook

Optional Upgrades Include:

  • 16" Manway Double Splash Lid (Shown)
  • 3:1 Gear Reduction Manual Agitation
  • Additional spray hose
  • Cox Hose Reel
  • Honda Hydraulic Agitation
  • Honda Chain Drive Agitation

This Pavement Sealcoat Machine easily fits into the back of a 3/4 ton pickup because it's only 45" wide and 72" long.

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