Asphalt Sealing Machine PolySkid Plus 525

PolySkid Plus 525

SKU: PolySkidPlus525

Our PolySkid Plus 525 Asphalt Sealing Machine is our largest Poly based Sealcoating System we currently offer

This system is our largest PolySkid Sealcoating System that we currently offer and is the larger version of our PolySkid Plus 325 Spray system.

You get all of the great features you would expect from a system costing thousands of dollars more with our Our PolySkid Plus 525Asphalt Sealing Machine.

This system incorporates our popular 525 gallon molded 1/4" thick Polyethylene tank which resists sealcoat coal tar and asphalt emulsion, helping make the clean-up process much easier!

The tank sets in a full steel skid and is banded twice allowing you to permanently bolt the frame to your vehicle which creates an excellent "Anti Tip" application (When Bolted Down permanently)

This is a true Hydraulic Agitation System and is equipped with forward and reverse and neutral allowing for full sweep tank agitation which utilizes our exclusive three paddle rake design.

Air pressure for this Asphalt Sealing Machine is supplied from our 8 HP Honda Puma 20 CFM compressor that is capable of creating up to a constant 150 PSI and also supplying air for the 11/2" Dual Diaphragm Pump.

Electric Start is standard on the PolySkid Plus 525 Sealing Machine and we also include a battery.

We custom build a two gallon strainer complete with 11/64" basket helping you spray longer between stops.

Included with your Sealcoating System is our Cox Hose Reel and we wrap 100' of 250 PSI spray hose and include our deluxe aluminum 3/4" X 6' Spray Wand with brass valve and 80/40 tip.

This sealcoating system comes with our standard 23" double splash lid manhole making accessing the interior of the tank easily for servicing and cleaning.

Standard features:

  • 8 gallon 8 HP Honda electric start compressor 20CFM/150PSI
  • Heavy duty battery
  • Oversized steel strainer with 11/64" basket
  • 1-1/2" Dual Diaphragm Pump
  • 22" steel manway with double splash lid
  • Complete Hydraulic agitation system allowing forward and reverse and neutral
  • 100' manual hose reel with 100' of 250PSI 3/4" hose
  • 6' 3/4" aluminum spray wand with brass ball valve and tip
  • Hydraulic pressure compensation control

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For less than would expect, you can own a 550 gallon hydraulic spray system complete with all of the great features that you would expect from Asphalt Sealcoating Direct!

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