Asphalt Sealer Tank 520 Gallon (SteelSkidPro520)

SteelSkid Pro 520

SKU: SteelSkidPro520

If you need an Agitated Sealer Tank, we offer several sizes at unbeatable prices.

Asphalt Sealcoating Direct is known for always bringing the best products at the best prices to it's valued customers. This is just one example.

Our tanks are always made from new material with high quality components and we build them with the user in mind.

We start the assembly process by building a full length steel skid that can be bolted into your trailer bed which offers you the maximum anti tip protection.

Our tanks are 11Ga and has a large 22" steel double manway welded on top. This oversize cover has a double splash lid and allows you easy access to the tank interior for regular maintenance.

We install 3:1 gear reduction into the Tank allowing the three paddle agitation to turn smoothly and easily. We also use bearing blocks that can be greased helping to prolong the life of your new tank.

Our tanks are available in 300, 520, 750 and 1000 gallon capacity and come standard with 3:1 hand agitation and include standard features including:

  • New 520 gallon 11 Ga Steel Tank
  • 22" Double Manway Lid
  • Full Steel Skid to eliminate tip over
  • Drain Valves
  • Three Paddle Rake or Bar agitation (Your Choice)

Asphalt Sealer Tank shown above has an optional 2" fill port on tank top.

We offer several models of Sealer tanks including steel and poly with direct drive hand agitation as well as gear reduction. We also offer power hydraulic models as well.

Ask your salesperson for details.