Asphalt Crack Melter Applicator

13 Gallon Crack Melter


Using an Asphalt Crack Melter Applicator to apply Hot Pour Crack Sealant in asphalt cracks is probably the fastest and most efficient technique to properly seal the crack.

Other ways include using Cold Pour and a V Squeegee, Using a Pour Pot and even applying Hot Melted Sealer using an Oil Jacked Melter. Oil Jacked Melters are commonly used by road crews and are a trailer mounted, diesel fired melter that pumps hot melted sealer through a wand and hose.

The system shown here is our most popular crackfilling machine because it allows the user to apply crack sealer quickly, it has a fast start-up time and is easy to operate. It is also very economical to purchase compared to Oil Jacketed Melters and it only requires one man to operate it.

This system holds 13 gallons of Hot Asphalt Crackfiller also known as 3405 in the industry and can handle 25, 30 and 50 pound blocks of rubber. It comes standard with manual built-in Manual Agitation allowing the user to keep the hot material stirred helping minimize clogs in the valve.

It comes complete with an LP regulator, 6' LP hose and burner as well as a top mounted thermometer and is constructed of 14 GA steel offering you lasting durability. This machine was first introduced more than twenty five years ago and has lived up to its reputation. The latest modification is the new valve introduced by the inventor of the original Asphalt Crack Melter.

The user now has the option of completely closing the delivery valve tube when the screed is in the raised position. This eliminates hot pour rubber leaking from the valve when the machine is not being used.

This Melter Applicator is also available in one of our popular Packages and can be bundled into any of our Package Deals and can be purchased with Hot Pour Crackfill as well.
*Freight offer applies to customers in the North 48 Continental USA States only. Please call us for details if you live outside this area