1000 Gallon Agitated Sealcoat Tank

SteelSkid HYD 1000

SKU: SteelSkidHYD1000

Owning a Agitated Sealcoat Tank can be an excellent investment for the professional contractor because it allows him to purchase bulk material meaning which usually means he pays less for his sealer.

The tank should be capable of storing the amount of material you expect to use within a few days and agitating the material using a mechanical system. We offer our customers both Gasoline Engine Power and Hydraulic Agitation

Both are excellent choices however the Hydraulic version (Shown) runs smoother and incorporates Direct Drive Agitation VS Chain Drive which Gasoline Agitation Systems use.

We build your system using a new 11Ga steel tank with 7Ga end caps and sit it into a full steel skid. This design offers excellent anti-tip resistance compared to other designs that just use a small welded stand on the tank bottom.

Agitation power for this system is supplied from a 5.5 Honda GX industrial engine that powers a full hydraulic system including an extra large oil tank and our Adjustable Pressure Compensator allowing the user to adjust the Agitation Torque from the main control panel mounted on the tank.

We use a 22" Double Man-Way that has a built-in splash lid and safety screen for added user safety. This particular Agitated Sealcoat Tank also includes a handy ladder at on end allowing easy access to the top of the tank.

Optional Features:

  • 2" Honda / Banjo industrial transfer pump mounted on skid frame for transferring sealer to another tank
  • Fourth paddle