Sealcoating Tanks

Sealcoating Tanks are offered in a variety of different designs and come in steel or polyethylene. We will be discussing the differences in both of these styles and what makes each of them unique.

Steel Sealcoat Tanks have always been the preferred tank, because of it's durability and there is just something about owning a steel tank instead of a plastic tank.

Unfortunately, that really is "Old School" thinking because newer Polyethylene Tanks have many great quality's about them that many people are not aware of.

Of course Steel Sealcoating Tanks a more durable and can be easily repaired if you damage the tank, you can weld brackets directly to the tank and Ultra Violet light will not affect the tank, but they are generally more to purchase and they weigh more. We can also custom build several features into your steel tank such as large Man-Holes and attached hose racks.

On the other hand, Poly Tanks are less to purchase, weigh less, our new UV protected black tanks will not be affected by ultra violet and the biggest difference is that they are easier to clean. Steel Man-Holes can be added as well. These Poly Tanks are becoming widely accepted in this industry as well as the Landscape Industry because of their wide range of uses and excellent durability.

Several large manufactures of Sealcoating Tanks are beginning to use Polyethylene because they have found that coal-tar will not adhere to poly like it will steel. This is a very important selling point and consideration should be made when your ready to purchase your Sealcoating Tanks.

It really comes down to your personal preference and what you plan to do with the tank.

We sell Steel tanks and Polyethylene tanks that have Manual Agitation installed in them, and if you prefer we can install Hydraulic Agitation in these tanks as well.

Our most basic system, the ASD275 uses a "Tote" that has a Poly Tank inside a steel cage. These systems have been around for several years and have proven their ability to perform.

This same style pump system is used in our PolySkidPro series systems, and they also incorporate a poly tank, just a much thicker horizontal leg tank that is injected black molded plastic. These are "Special Use" tanks designed specifically for this purpose.

We offer both styles for several reasons and one is not better than the other. Both style tanks have a place in the industry and depending on your need, and how your system is built will determine which tank style will best serve you.

Be watching for Fiberglass tanks to be available before long as there are a few manufactures that are currently producing them and have them in field testing.

It really is important that you completely understand these differences so your able to make the best choice when purchasing your Sealcoating Tanks and which style will best serve your equipment needs.