Sealcoat Spray Tips, Hose, and Wands

Sealcoat Spray Tips

Using the correct Sealcoat Spray Tips on your sealcoating system will make a big difference in how the system performs as well as the overall quality of the application and results you get.

Tips can be purchased in 1/4" and 3/8" NPT threads and have several spray patterns to choose from and the tips are categorized in the following manner:

80/20 | 80/30 | 80/40 | 80/50 | 80/70

"80" is the tip or "Fan" degree, which determines the "Spread" and the ending number is the PSI rating as well as the potential gallons per minute that the tip is capable of spraying at a particular PSI.

Its important to know which tip works best for the sealcoat system your using, and understanding it's working pressure.

Sealcoat Spray Tips are also available in stainless steel, ceramic and polymer as well, but the most common tips a hardened steel because they last well and generally cost less.

It's a good idea to have several tips on hand when your on the job site, in case you damage one or possibly need a different spray pattern.

Spray Hose

Most sealcoat sprayer systems use 3/4" High Pressure Hose, and can come in a variety of different lengths.

It's common for the smaller spray systems to include 50' of hose with the opportunity to add more if necessary, and 100' on the larger systems.

Most of the spray system will use 200PSI, which is sufficient to handle compressed air pump pressures of around 80PSI to 125PSI.

Spray hose needs to be chemical resistant and easily rolled allowing the user to store when not in use.

We also offer 300PSI 3/4" hose for special "High Pressure" applications such as our High Pressure Tack Sprayer.

A very important point to remember is that on centrifugal transfer pumps system, you will experience a 15% to 25% pressure drop when adding an additional 50' hose length.

Spray Wands

Sealcoat Wands usually are available in 5' to 6'lengths and 1/2" and 3/4" diameter. They are available in aluminum and steel.

We prefer to use a 3/4" Aluminum Spray Wand with an 80/50 tip on our Transfer systems and 80/40 on our diaphragm pump systems.

1/2" wands are lighter weight but they may restrict the flow of liquid too much which will likely lead to pump problems.

Correct sizing of your hose and wand including it's length, and using the correct Sealcoat Spray Tips will ensure a professional looking application.