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Driveway Sealcoat Machine (Econo PolySkid Series)

image: Driveway Sealcoat Machine
SKU: PolySkid125
Weight: 250 lb.
Dimensions: 60in. × 48in. × 40in.

This Driveway Sealcoat Machine is the Econo version of our PolySkidPro 125 and is built with the same specification. This system has our 125 gallon 1/4" thick polyethylene tank that is similar to our larger PolySkid Spray Systems..

You can easily slide the skid into your pickup and remove it when your finished spraying making this system ideal for the part time sealcoater that wants professional results and an integrated spray system.

With the pump permanently mounted to the skid, there is no need to worry about un-hooking hoses when your finished, clean up is easy because we use all Cam-Lock Fittings making it a snap to rinse and clean!

Standard Specifications:

  • 125 gallon poly 1/4" thick tank
  • 5.5HP "Cast Iron Impeller" Pump
  • 50' of 3/4" spray Hose
  • 6' X 3/4" Aluminum Spray Wand with 80/50 Tip and Brass Ball Valve
  • Strainer with 1/4" Stainless Screen

Our Driveway Sealcoat Machine is shown in White and can be painted to match your vehicle.

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